Jandakot Airport

Noise Monitoring

Limitations of Airservices Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System (NFPMS)

Airservices NFPMS was originally set up to monitor operations at major airports across Australia and relies upon obtaining the details of aircraft operations from lodged flight plans.

Over time, the NFPMS has expanded to include other airports in Australia’s main cities, within 50km of the main airport. However, the source radar data for these cities is still obtained from the main city airport, which can result in data gaps (depending on the distance of the secondary airport from the main airport). As these data gaps occur randomly throughout the day, the data, while incomplete, still provides a representative picture of the weekly, hourly and day/night distribution of aircraft operations.

General Aviation (GA) airports, such as Archerfield, Jandakot, Moorabbin and Parafield, have a high proportion of operations relating to training and GA. As a result, the majority of movements at these airports do not lodge a detailed flight plan and therefore there is limited aircraft identification data captured in the NFPMS. Aircraft operations at GA airports include higher numbers of small aircraft operating in closer proximity, compared to operations at major airports. These types of operations, combined with gaps in radar data and limited flight plan information, are all factors that impact the accuracy of the flight identification process in Airservices NFPMS.

Noise data was collected from short-term noise monitoring between February 2016 and August 2016 at:

  • Canning Vale
  • Piara Waters
  • Jandakot
  • Bibra Lake

Noise monitoring is not conducted to determine compliance with aircraft noise regulations – there is no regulated maximum level for aircraft noise. Rather, aircraft operating in Australia are required to meet noise standards imposed through the Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 2018. These regulations stipulate compliance with international noise standards that apply to the design and production of aircraft, and specify the amount of noise that may be emitted by an aircraft type or model. Aircraft that do not meet these standards are prohibited from engaging in air navigation in Australia unless exceptional circumstances apply. This is administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.

Noise monitoring is conducted to:

  • determine the contribution of aircraft noise to the overall noise that a community is exposed to
  • provide information to the community about aircraft noise and operations
  • help local authorities make informed land use decisions
  • inform estimates of the impact of changes to air traffic control procedures
  • validate noise modelling
  • inform the determination of aircraft noise policy by government and assist in the implementation of legislation.

More information is available on the Monitoring Aircraft Noise page.

Select a location to view the most frequently correlated aircraft types for that noise monitor.

Explanation of terms used
Information found in the aircraft’s flight plan is combined with noise data from the Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System to produce the tables shown for each location below.
Aircraft Type
Where known, aircraft types are listed by name and notated as either jet (J), turboprop (T), propeller (P), helicopter (H) or unknown (U).

Where the aircraft type is listed as “General Aviation”, this means that the aircraft type or category is not known. This occurs when a detailed flight plan has not been lodged for the flight. This is often the case for training activities.

Operation Type

(A) – Arrival
(D) – Departure
(T) – Operation that departs and arrives at the same airport, including circuits and training flights

Correlated Noise Event (CNE)

A noise event matched to an aircraft operation that flew through the capture zone


Maximum sound level in decibels (dB(A))

Canning Vale
Aircraft Type (Category) Airport Movement Type RunwayNo. Correlated Noise Events LAmax dB(A) Average LAmax dB(A) Maximum
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24L 1103263.588.5
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 06R 63896488.5
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24R 521062.582.6
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T HJ 326762.484.2
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 24R 25526383
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 06L 16526386
Diamond Twin Star DA-42 (P) Jandakot D 06L 148762.679
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 12129262.383.5
Diamond Star DA-400 (P) Jandakot A 24R 121867.781.9
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot D 06R 82464.189.7
Piara Waters
Aircraft Type (Category)Airport Movement Type RunwayNo. Correlated Noise Events LAmax dB(A) Average LAmax dB(A) Maximum
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 24R 9126485.7
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 06L 78863.383.7
Fokker 100 (J) Perth A 365160.676
Airbus A330-200 (J) Perth A 352866.781.9
Airbus A320 (J) Perth A 349266.672.1
Boeing 737-800 (J) Perth A 346663.779.3
Airbus A330-300 (J) Perth A 343667.780.3
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24R 3026080.6
General Aviation (GA)O2576581.5
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24L 25064.183.3
Aircraft Type (Category)Airport Movement Type RunwayNo. Correlated Noise Events LAmax dB(A) Average LAmax dB(A) Maximum
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24L 388262.187.2
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24R 25276588.6
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot D 24R 185469.291.8
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 06R 176160.982
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T HJ 127561.986.8
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 06L 125462.985.6
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 06L 116962.881.5
Pilatus PC12 (T) Jandakot D 24R 114969.276.7
Pilatus PC12 (T) Jandakot A 06L 76171.382.9
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 3071063.777
Bibra Lake
Aircraft Type (Category)Airport Movement Type RunwayNo. Correlated Noise Events LAmax dB(A) Average LAmax dB(A) Maximum
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot D 06L 90065.482.7
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 24R 75766.186.5
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 06L 66364.785.1
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot A 06L 63664.688.9
Pilatus PC12 (T) Jandakot D 24R 57066.874.2
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T HJ 40165.983.4
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot T 24R 39765.589
General Aviation (GA)Jandakot O 39066.684.9
General Aviation (GA)T 1236662.976.6
Pilatus PC12 (T) Jandakot A 06L 31970.380.9